Is It Possible to Upgrade the Infotainment System to MMI Navigation Plus in an Older Audi Q7?

In the age of technology, where every aspect of our lives revolves around our devices, our cars are no exception. They have become technological marvels, incorporating various forms of digital infrastructure to enhance our driving experience. Among car manufacturers, Audi has been at the forefront of such technological advancements. Audi’s infotainment system, known as the Multi Media Interface (MMI), offers numerous features – from navigation to music streaming – that lend to an immersive and convenient driving experience. However, not all Audi models, especially the older ones, come equipped with the latest version of this system. This leads many Audi owners, particularly those with an older Audi Q7, to wonder if it’s possible to upgrade their infotainment system to the MMI Navigation Plus.

Upgrading the Infotainment System: Possibility and Process

Upgrading the infotainment system in an older Audi Q7 model is certainly possible, given the right circumstances. However, it’s not as simple as just installing an update. It involves a firmware upgrade, with a particular focus on the navigation system.

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Audi releases firmware updates periodically, which can be accessed either through a service center, or downloaded by the members of various Audi forums. However, before you decide to upgrade, ensure to check the compatibility of your vehicle with the new firmware. Audi provides a list of models that are compatible with the update. This list can be commonly found on their official website or in forums.

Once you ensure compatibility, you can proceed with the firmware update. The process involves downloading the firmware onto a formatted SD card or a DVD and then inserting it into the MMI system. The system will automatically detect the update and start the installation process.

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Control and Features of the MMI Navigation Plus

The MMI Navigation Plus system lends a futuristic touch to the vehicle’s control system. This version offers a touch-sensitive control panel that allows you to write commands rather than selecting them. This feature, commonly known as MMI Touch, revolutionizes the way you interact with your vehicle.

In addition to MMI Touch, the MMI Navigation Plus system comes with the Audi Connect service. Audi Connect is a suite of applications that offers real-time updates, including weather, traffic, and news. It also allows you to connect your smartphone to your vehicle, thereby enabling access to apps like Apple CarPlay.

Moreover, the MMI Navigation Plus comes with a larger, high-resolution screen that offers a 3D view of maps, making navigation even more seamless.

The Role of Audi Forums

While Audi provides official support for firmware updates, many Audi owners turn to forums for additional help and advice. Forums can be an excellent resource for troubleshooting issues, learning about updates, or even scheduling meetups with fellow Audi enthusiasts.

Members of these forums are often quite knowledgeable about the intricacies of their vehicles and are more than willing to lend a hand or reply to a query. From step-by-step guides to upgrade your system to tips on maximizing the features of your MMI, these forums can be a goldmine of information.

Service Centers and After-Sales Support

While many people choose to do the firmware update themselves, it’s worth mentioning the role of official Audi service centers. These centers are equipped with trained professionals who can handle the update process with ease.

If your vehicle is still under warranty, the service center might even cover the cost of the update. Regardless, it’s recommended to have your system updated at a service center if you’re not comfortable doing it yourself. They also provide after-sales support, helping you navigate any difficulties you might face after the update.

In summary, it is indeed possible to upgrade the infotainment system to MMI Navigation Plus in an older Audi Q7. Whether you choose to do it yourself with assistance from Audi forums or prefer to have it done at the service center, one thing is clear – the new MMI Navigation Plus system will truly revolutionize your driving experience.

Advanced Capabilities of the MMI Navigation Plus

The MMI Navigation Plus provides a plethora of advanced features that cater to the needs of modern drivers. The system comes with an enhanced TFT color display that offers a sharp, clear, high-resolution image. The north america region, amongst others, can be viewed with real-life accuracy on these detailed maps. This makes navigating through complex junctions and unfamiliar routes easier.

One significant aspect of the MMI Navigation Plus is its seamless integration with mobile devices. With the new MMI, users can access Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. This enables you to use your smartphone functions, such as making calls, sending messages, or streaming music, safely without diverting your focus from driving.

Another innovative feature is the Audi Connect service. It offers real-time updates on traffic, weather, and news, keeping you informed during the drive. Also, you can use Audi Connect to access a wide array of apps, ranging from entertainment to driver-assistance functions.

The latest MMI Navigation Plus also offers voice command, allowing you to control various aspects of your Audi Q7 with simple spoken instructions. So, if you’re an owner of an older Audi Q7, upgrading to the robust MMI Navigation Plus system will undoubtedly enrich your driving experience.


In conclusion, upgrading an older Audi Q7 to the MMI Navigation Plus is not only possible but also greatly beneficial. The process might require some technical knowledge, but with the right resources such as Audi forums, it can be done effortlessly. However, if you’re not comfortable handling the software version update, the Audi service centers are always ready to assist.

Once upgraded, the new MMI system will not only enhance the functionality of your Audi Q7 but also provide you with advanced features like Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and Audi Connect. This will bring your car up-to-date with the latest technological advancements, ensuring a more connected, convenient, and immersive driving experience. Whether you’re a junior member just embarking on your Audi journey or a seasoned enthusiast, the MMI Navigation Plus upgrade is a worthwhile investment.

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